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6 Tips - How to get people to show emotion on camera

6/29/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Last week someone asked me a great question. They wanted to know how I get emotion out of the scientists I interview. This is a subject that is close to home for me. I'm a scientist myself and I know that other scientists really are interesting and cool. It breaks my heart to see scientists in general portrayed in a stereotypically dry and boring way. It's bad for science as a field. Scientists are not actors. That means it's your job as the producer is to find a way to get them to show their inner awesomeness! That's the topic I want to share today. I narrowed it down to 6 things. These are not restricted to scientists though. You can take these 6 tips and use them for anyone you film. -said Rob & Jonas-

Text, image and video via Rob & Jonas' Filmmaking Tips

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