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Faking Bullet-Time: The Centriphone / CentriGopro Technique Explained

6/21/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Rob & Jonas have shared today a new video where they explore the possibilities of CentriGopro Technique from a different point of view, they use a hanger. This is the story behind this DIY project they wrote on YouTube:

Earlier this year, I saw an amazing video by pro skier Nicolas Vuigner who attached his iphone to some strings and started spinning it as he skied! It was epic. I've wanted to try this out myself and finally put it to the test.

Watch Nicolas' video HERE:

Then Matt and Kim did a music video for their song Let's Run Away that was shot completely in this fashion:

In fact, I took a lot of my inspiration for this technique from the very first clip of their film. It showed what looked like a coat hanger and a gopro. I knew I had to try it to share with you all.

Unfortunately I didn't find the other tutorials that do exist showing the technique until just now. There are a few good ones now that I've retroactively watched a few, but honestly, I think this technique works better than the original rig by Nicolas. This one almost gets the strings out of the picture as you're spinning it. The only thing I'd change is to attach a handle to my rope. It really hurts your fingers after an hour of spinning it. Good luck with this technique!

Here is a link to a playlist with all my favorite centriphone videos:

Rob & Jonas have a new book out that outlines everything you need to know to take great pictures and video. Check it out

Text, image and video via Rob & Jonas' Filmmaking Tips

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