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High Project:Jens Hauspurg shot with an analog Leica M7 over 400 runners in a self-built studio

6/19/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we have the pleasure to feature »high«: A personal project by commercial photographer and teacher at the Bauhaus University Weimar Jens Hauspurg :

The "Thüringer Rennsteiglauf" is the most iconic and largest cross country race in Europe! Midst the wonderful landscape of the thuringian forest, located mid-May came up to 16,000 runners, to absolve her personal marathon.

To this established and already 45th time held Running, meet (unpaid) professional runners with a number of running enthusiasts. This run directs the focus of international media in the thuringian forest.

The photographical project "High" is aimed at the emotions of the runners and her culture. The athletes have to cope mountain routes up to 72 kilometers and fall during and after the finish in a frenzy of endorphins - called "runners high".

This moment of personal triumph, the income of the countless workouts studied german photographer Jens Hauspurg at the finish line.

Sponsored by @macodirect, he shot with an analog Leica over 400 runners in a self-built studio. As photographical finish is an exhibition with about 100 analogue prints planned.

About Jens Hauspurg :

Jens Hauspurg lives and works in Weimar, as a commercial photographer and teacher at the Bauhaus University Weimar, faculty of art and design. Let's Get Connected: 

Thanks Jens for this article. A great inspiration for all our readers.

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