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Sexy Women Photography: A New Educational Community by Dan Hostettler

6/06/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our old friend, photographer Dan Hostettler has a new project on line that we want share with you: We present (SWP)

SexyWomenPhotography (SWP) is a free educational community that offers mastery, insights and inspiration from various women photography styles.

Our friend Dan Hostettler

SWP’s articles, tutorials, interviews, showcases and videos equip photographers of all levels to create remarkable imagery and achieving sustainable success.

SWP’s community #ShootBoldTribe connects like-minded enthusiasts by sharing personal journeys, openly discussing setbacks and solutions, providing assistance as well as disclosing strategies, improvements and success stories.

SWP’s founder is Dan Hostettler, a mediapreneur, photographer and author of several books. With an extensive educational background as photographer that Dan has received at the School of Visual Arts & Craft Bern back in Switzerland, he now successfully works in the niche of glamNude photography for over 15 years.

To make things comprehensive, opinion-driven and built on most diverse approaches, styles and topics, SWP relies on different authors and contributors from all sort of venues, levels and places around the globe.

More info about this new project on

About Dan Hostettler:

Dan Hostettler is a mediapreneur, photographer, author of several books and founder of

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