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Trolling: How to deal with internet criticism when you're starting out in photography

6/02/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I had some time this weekend and wanted to see how close I could get my little Sony RX100iv point-and-shoot to getting a cinematic look, so I shot this vlog with some thoughts on dealing with internet criticism and online trolling when you're starting out in photography, or indeed in any creative field where you're putting yourself out there.

I shot the talking-to-camera sections in 1080p 25fps, and the slow motion shots in 1080p 100fps and slowed it down to 25%. I used a custom picture profile of 'flat' with saturation, contrast and sharpening all set to -3 to give me latitude in the grade. I have tried to use pp7 (Slog) in the past but just found the footage too grainy with the ISO 1600 limit, even when over exposed by a couple of stops.

I hope this is either some useful test footage if you're looking into the Sony RX100iv for video, or some encouragement to back your work when being attacked online.

Edited in FCPX.
Graded using James Miller's Deluts.
Shot on Sony RX100iv, except for the final shot which was a DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

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