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4 Tips to Helps You Shoot Video to Tell a Story

7/21/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Ever been in the field and really didn't know what you needed to shoot to tell that great story? The action was happening all around you so you took a few shots. Then in the edit, it was kind of hard to actually tell your story. Here are 4 things everyone should shoot for. 

Also, I can't really take credit for these great tips. Trenton and Phil at GoPro were the first to communicate these to me. I thought they were extremely useful and wanted to share them as well. Also a big Kuddos to Seth, Kevin and Andrew - our fellow correspondents. Check out their channels below.

We spent last week in San Diego with the GoPro team. We got to pick and choose between a variety of GoPro mounts and picked out a few pretty sweet ones we wanted to share with you.

Oh man did we have fun!


Text, image and video via Rob & Jonas' Filmmaking Tips

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