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ACROS, Provia, and Velvia: FUJIFILM X-T2 introduce film simulation in the 4K movie quality

7/07/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is 4K Motion Picture shot on FUJIFILM X-T2 by Yoshihiro Enatsu of Marimo records. X-T2 is the first model to have 4K high definition video function for the FUJIFILM X Series.

Learn how the movie "Beautiful Riot shot on X-T2" was shot and how X-T2 and the FUJIFILM X system can be utlized to record 4K movies.

Now you can use film simulation such as ACROS, Provia, and Velvia in the 4K movie quality.

Text. image and video via FUJIFILM Europe and FUJIFILM Corporation

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