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Filmmaking Tips: 10 Tools That Will Save Your Life (on a shoot)

7/16/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

There are so many little pieces that go into any production you shoot. Stillmotion Team have found 10 objects that can be used in so many different scenarios. They bring them on absolutely every production and they are almost always needed! Here they are!

0:10 10 tools that will save your life on a shoot
0:34 Black foil
1:04 Grip heads
1:43 Light dimmer
2:06 Cinevate Simplis
3:54 Gerber Utility Knife
4:25 Gaff tape
4:49 Apple Box
5:16 Sensor cleaning kit
6:15 Lee 12x12 Assorted Gel Pack
6:50 Cartolini Clamp


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