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Shooting Martina Hingis, the world number one in doubles tennis for

7/15/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I shooted Martina Hingis on several places close to Zürich for It was a worldwide campaign with focus on the Asian market. We had a hole day with Martina. She was really friendly and uncomplicated. We started with a setting in an apartment. I worked the hole day with my Pentax 645z and the Pentax FA 645 90mm macro and the Pentax zoom FA 645 45-85. For the apartment I used a Elinchrom softbox.

For the main shooting on the balcony with view of the lake of Zürich I used also a Elinchrom softbox with grid for the body and the ground and as mainlight the FS30. This new Elinchrom Fresnel is a phantastic light. It gives really a look like the sun - I like the FS30 a lot. It comes with a nice rolling suitcase. It´s big - but it´s easy for transport. Finally we shoot at a riding stables. For this setting I used a huge deep Elinchrom softbox. I have to give a bit thanks to my team also: Assistent: Thilo Larsson, Video Making of: Jonas Weibel. Hair: Pino Zinna. Visa: Philipp Keusen.

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Born in Berne, Switzerland, Remo Neuhaus made a name for himself as a portrait, people- and commercial photographer. He has trained his lens on many internationally-acclaimed personalities as well as local Berne celebrities. In the world of sports, the subjects of his works have ranged from Zinedine Zidane to Ronaldo and Figo all the way to Mark Streit, Roman Josi and Fabian Cancellara.

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