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YI 4K Action Camera first impressions and Hero 4 Comparison.

7/13/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The new Yi 4K action camera has created a great expectation between filmmaker community. Cheap, 4K, slow motion and touch screen are some of the features this camera offers for an incredible price.

Filmmaker DeeJay Scharton, founder of has shared this little comparative between the Yi 4K and the GoPro  Hero 4 on his YouTube Channel:

I just received the Yi 4k action cam from my pre-order a few months ago. There was no tracking or now shipping information, it simply showed up. The camera feels well made and the battery is noticeably larger than my hero 4 black edition. The touch screen is very easy to use and very responsive and controls in general are easier to use than a hero 4.

YI 4K Action Camera first impressions and Hero 4 Comparison.

Build quality is in the same category as the hero 4 so if you plan on taking it into extreme weather or water, you'll need a case. I'm still on the fence about image quality.

My first impressions are:
  • The field of view isn't as wide as my hero 4 back
  • Size is almost Identical
  • Screen on the back of the Yi is beautiful
  • Audio is good, but the USB audio option on the hero is better
  • Video quality is similar though hero 4 has more contrast

I'll post more as I get a chance to test these two cameras out. The hero 4 is getting a run for the money with the Yi 4k action camera, but there are a few trade offs.

Text, image and video via onelonedork

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