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15 Street Photography Techniques and Tips

8/05/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

If you want to learn some basic street photography techniques, here is the full list:

1. Work the scene
2. Use your flash
3. Get eye contact

4. Get low
5. Capture the "unguarded moment"

6. Direct your subject
7. "Can you do that for me again"?
8. The "fishing" technique
9. Shoot head-on
10. Create layers/depth
11. Look for lines/patterns/texture
12. Embrace negative space
13. Minus exposure compensation
14. Leading lines
15. Subtract from the frame

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About Eric Kim:

I am an international street photographer currently based in Berkeley. I travel the world and teach street photography workshops and will try to share as much knowledge as I can about street photography here! Let's Get Connected: WebsiteTwitter 

Text, image and video via Eric Kim Photography

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