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5 (more) Creative Camera Slider Tricks

8/09/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A camera slider is a wonderful tool to add cinematic movement to your shots. In this video you'll learn 5 creative tricks with your DSLR camera slider.

Exactly 3 years ago Cinecom published a tutorial video (watch it here) about different ways you could use a camera slider. They  got so many great reactions on it that they had to create another video!

This time they share 5 more creative tricks and tips with a camera slider.

A slider is a wonderful tool and what I believe a great investment if you're starting out. Working with a slider gives you more control over the 3 dimensional space we live in and yes, it can make awesome cinematic shots.

Often I see people only using the left to right slide movement. It's the most basic practice, but it can do so much more. In the first slider video I mentioned that the number of possibilities is only limited by our creativity.

1. In the first trick we mount the camera straight up to the horizon. Make sure there's something interesting on the ceiling and an object close to the slider so that we see a moving object. This is a great technique for interior shots or tall objects.

2. The next trick shows a way on how to do a slide-in on a wide angle lens. Usually you would see your slider in the frame, but with a slime reverse tilt trick you can frame it out.

3. Two enemies walk in a circle and provoke each other. Suddenly we cut to a POV of one of the actors. With the slider on one end of the slider and the other actor pushing the slider, we get a nice POV shot. We did a similar thing in our creative mini-crane tricks video.

4. In the fourth trick we'll try to reveal something from a close up to a medium shot by sliding backwards. But we'll add an extra tilt movement in it to go from the ground or the ceiling to a subject.

5. And finally we must search for two boxes or heights to put the slider on, upside down. The allows to camera to sit very close to the ground to make very unique sliding shots.

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