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How embracing discomfort can bring the greatest rewards

8/10/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

One of the world's foremost adventure photographers demonstrates how embracing discomfort can bring the greatest rewards.


Corey Rich is one of the world's most recognized adventure and outdoor lifestyle visual storytellers. Combining his creativity and athleticism to capture both still and motion content in some of the wildest places on the planet, Corey has successfully transitioned his work and focus from exclusively shooting still photography to shooting both stills and directing major commercial and documentary motion projects.

How embracing discomfort can bring the greatest rewards

About Corey Rich:

Almost two decades ago, I planted both feet firmly in the world of falling snow, moving water and massive stone. As extreme sports entered the American mainstream, I was there to tell the stories of athletes like climbing legend Chris Sharma, kayaking pioneer Eric Jackson and world champion surfer Lisa Anderson. Let's Get Connected on

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