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Optical Zoom For Filmmakers: iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review in Rwanda

9/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Many of yours know to Photographer & filmmaker Austin Mann, in the past he has created amazing reviews about every new version of the Iphone. He have created reviews in Iceland (twice), Patagonia, and Switzerland, but this year he wanted to really change things up.

Thinking of the new Iphone 7 Plus and the possibilities of optical zoom, he asked himself: Where’s the best place in the world to test optical zoom? Africa, of course.

So this year, in collaboration with Nat Geo Travel + Nat Geo Adventure and the amazing team at Ker & Downey operating our tour, we’ve set out to get you the answers. I’m writing from deep in the Nyungwe rainforest in southwest Rwanda. We’ve been tracking gorillas in the north, boating Lake Kivu in the west, and running through tea plantations in the south — all with the iPhone 7 Plus in hand. - said Austin- 

This entire production has been light but powerful. They used only the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7. Any gear they used in addition to the iPhone 7 Plus camera and the full review  can be found at Iphone 7 camera review Rwanda

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NOTE: To improve the quality of footage of your phone is interesting to use other specific apps like MoviePro or FiLMiC Pro

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