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New DJI Inspire 2: All You Need To Know About It.

11/15/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The DJI Inspire 2 is the next evolution of professional aerial cinematography. New cameras, sensors, and intelligent features make the Inspire 2 the definitive aerial cinematography solution.

New DJI Inspire 2

Behind the Scenes - On Set with the Inspire 2

The Circle: A Short Film Shot Entirely on the Inspire 2

In this moving story, a father (Ryan Phillippe) reunites with his estranged son (Noah Schnapp) in Depression-era America, rekindling a bond once thought lost forever. The Circle was shot entirely on the Inspire 2.

The Circle: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of The Circle to see how the talented cast and crew brought the Great Depression to life in was only possible with the DJI Inspire 2.

Post-Production Workflow

With the ability to shoot RAW, the Inspire 2 enables maximum versatility with its captured images in Post-Production. Step inside a color correction session for The Circle to see the incredible ways RAW Inspire 2 footage can be creatively manipulated.

X5S Camera

The X5S revolutionizes aerial cinematography with flexibility and image quality that rivals traditional cinema cameras. See how the crew of The Circle used the Inspire’s new camera to deliver an unparalleled filmmaking experience.

Initial Impressions

Watch as Antonio "Drone Whisperer" de la Cruz takes DJI's new Inspire 2 on a field test in freezing weather. Good thing those batteries have integrated heaters!

Text, image and video via DJI and The Digital Circuit

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