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Quick Tip: How To Get X12 More Time Than The Sony Camera Battery

12/06/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friend Udi Tirosh from DIYPhotography thought that could be a good idea to share with us his battery setup for his Sony Camera.

He is using a Tether Tools case relay ($99) and an Anker 20,000 mAh battery ($35).This gives him about X12 more time than the default Sony poor battery for less money.

The original sony battery is quite feeble, it carries only 7.3Wh of energy. One issue, is that 7.3Wh is not a lot of energy for video (and definitely small capacity for 4k). The other issue is that this gives you about 5.9Wh per dollar. It’s not horrible, but definitely not optimal. -said Udi-
I am a Sony cameras user too and I think it could be a perfect solution for video and time-lapses.

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About Photographer Udi Tirosh:

Udi Tirosh is a professional photographer based in Israel. His photography was featured in news outlets, but his passion lies with photographing families, and portraiture work. A father of three, and a relentless entrepreneur, he invented the Bokeh Masters Kit and The Light Blaster

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