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Beauty Retouch: How to get your images looking pro

1/08/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Beauty Retouch: How to get your images looking pro

Sarah Tucker is a retoucher with 8 years experience and she has recently recorded and put out an 8 part tutorial series for photographers and retouchers who have an understanding of photoshop and want to know how to get their images looking pro. She doesn't hold information back and have provided a link for people to download the image from the tutorial and work on it themselves...

In this 8 part series on beauty retouching (link below to download image and follow along) we will be looking at:

01- Blemish Removal.

Using the clone and healing tools along with layer blending modes to remove blemishes such as sports, moles and hairs.

02- Hair Part 01

Cleaning up hair by looking at eyelashes, eyebrows and fly-aways.

03 - Hair Part 02

Filling in gaps, removing distractions and removing cross hairs.

04- Micro Dodge and Burn

Using dodge and burn to even out the skin.

05- Macro Dodge and Burn

Using dodge and burn to contour and add shape.

06- Details Enhance

Enhancing, eyelashes, eyes, highlights and hair to give the image more "pop".

07- Background Separation

Using channel masking to separate the background and change its colour.

08- Finishing Touches.

Polishing the image with colour grading, liquify and sharpening.

Download the image and follow along using this link... SAMPLE

About Sarah Tucker:

Having been a professional retoucher for the past 8 years, I have been lucky enough to have come across many talented artists who have shared their time and skills with me freely, I would like to use this channel to make my contribution. Let's Get Connected: 

Text, image and video via Sarah Tucker Retouching

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