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Shoot Portraits Not People | A Jason Siegel Project

1/12/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Shoot Portraits Not People | A Jason Siegel Project

Jason Siegel is an accomplished lifestyle, music and fashion photographer whose controversial art installation “Shoot Portraits, Not People” is set for debut in Aspen on Friday January 13th at The BLK MKT gallery. This creative and provocative exhibit is Siegel's first non-photography based art project and displays photographic equipment built into high-powered weaponry, offering a look into the idea behind shooting portraits, not people.

The artful gesture of mixing tool and technique is evident in the creative process it takes to build the “guns,” from start to finish using hand-picked camera equipment as the source. This undertaking wouldn’t be possible without Denver based metal sculptor Keith D’Angelo, who Siegel connected with in order to make this project come to life.

Shoot Portraits Not People | A Jason Siegel Project

“Shoot Portraits, Not People” moves beyond the elements of still photography and captures the archetype of both guns and cameras as universally recognized symbols of provocateur. The display of one of a kind custom camera weaponry will be accompanied by other military themed accessories that creates an interactive and immersive installation.

Shoot Portraits Not People | A Jason Siegel Project

The attention to detail is impeccable with each gun being constructed by hand-picked parts chosen from over 200 pounds of camera parts specifically sourced for this project.

"When I'm taking photos, I'm mostly pressing buttons whether it's behind the camera or behind the computer. This project has allowed me to go beyond my creative borders and create something that has no boundaries and yet is totally unique," Siegel says.

Opening night of "Shoot Portraits, Not People," will take place at The BLK MKT gallery in Aspen, Colorado on January 13th and will be open only through the month of January including during the X-Games.

Each handcrafted piece and the military-themed accessories will be available for purchase on site as well as prints of each "gun."

"Shoot Portraits, Not People"
The BLK MKT in Aspen
534 E. Cooper Ave (Aspen, Colorado)
Friday January 13th;

Video by Verax Creative

About A Jason Siegel:

Denver based lifestyle photographer specializing in the music and apparel industries. Helping brands and artists to further their image through photography and design. Projects include but are not limited to, portfolio expansion, press photos, album covers, live music and event photography, lookbooks, promotional work, catalogs, commercial work, logos and branding. Let's Get Connected: 

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