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How an Outdoor Photographer Can Take Advantage of a Heavy Storm

2/19/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

If your workplace is a location in the middle of nowhere and the weather didn't help at all,  do not stay at home.  Ilko Allexandroff  takes advantage of this situation to get stunning photos of his model Haruka Miyamoto.

Here is a photoshoot in some really heavy storm, I hope you enjoy it! -said Ilko-


  1. Canon EOS-1D X
  2. Canon EF135mm F2L
  3. Cactus 60x60 Gridded Softbox
  4. Nissin MG8000
  5. Cactus  V6 Trigger

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About Ilko Allexandroff :

I'm a photographer based in Osaka, Japan, where I am doing the majority of my photography. I am interested in portrait and street photography, as well as strobist & off-camera flash techniques. I usually include information about the lighting of every photo I upload!

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Image and video via Ilko Allexandroff

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