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Hatarakimono Project: A tape-o-graphic portrait documentary about the working japanese people

2/19/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Rather than just a photographer K-NARF can be described as a "photograph maker".

Tape-o-graphs, fim-o-tapes, cinéstatics, photograffiti, repro-séquences, tube-o-scope, diapo-colors, etc. : K-NARF re-invents photography to create his own playful, imaginary and néo-vintage photographic world.

Manually processing his work with packing tape (+ anything from hardware or office supply stores) he applies the principles of “BRICOLAGE” to photography, a contemporary Art movement born in NYC in the early 2000’s and directly affiliated to the “READY MADE”, the “ARTE POVERA” and the “D.I.Y.”. His work plays with time and witnesses the transition period in between a recent analogue past and an extreme technological present.

Hatarakimono Project

During two years K-NARF will create a tape-o-graphic portrait documentary about the hard working japanese people [hatarakimono] he come to meet during local expeditions down the road of his studio in Tokyo. This project will then become a book and a traveling exhibition.

Each tape-o-graphic portrait is carefully Hi-Res scanned using one of the super advanced copy machine from any Tokyo convenient store (7/11 - SUNKUS - FAMILYMART). All portraits (more than a 100 different workers) will be presented in a book at the end of the one year production time.

TOKYO STUDIO_Sunday1:30PM HATARAKIMONO PROJECT a construction site manager Tape-o-graph +/- 600x300mm last month I asked this guy if I could take a photo of him and his team. For a few days they have been doing some sewage renovation work on the street down my studio. He said yes. The day after during lunch break I set up my portable studio in a small park narby and in 5mn the photo was done. One more portrait for my project. It happened that he could speak english so I briefly explained him more about my project of photographing japanese hard workers (Hatarakimono) over a period of one year to make a book and exhibition to go all around the world. He listen carefully and said thank you for having some kind of interest for workers like him and their work, then he left. 5mn after, as I was packing all my stuff I suddenly heard him calling me: he had brought 6 more guys from his team to have their portraits done as well. I love Japan! #hatarakimonoproject #knarfart #bricolageart #tokyo #photography #tapeography #artcollector #contemporaryart #tokyoart #japanesephotography #artproject
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About  K-NARF:

Moving back his studio in Tokyo early 2014, K-NARF started a series of art projects with the support of PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS including the creation of a “TAPE-O-GRAPHIC LAB” in a Hong-Kong tramcar, an “OUTDOOR PORTABLE CINÉMA” on a YAMAHA TRI-CITY scooter and a “PUBLI-IMAGINAIRE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN” called “ARIGATO CHOCOLAT”.  Let's Get Connected: 

Text, image and video via K-NARF

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