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Shooting in Tiny Spaces by Mark Wallace

2/14/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Shooting in Tiny Spaces by Mark Wallace

You don't need a fancy studio to take great photos. In this episode Mark Wallace does a photo shoot in a tiny space.

Watch how Mark uses color, framing, and composition to get the most out of the small room. Mark also gives some tips on retouching to get the most out of the images from the shoot.

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About Mark Wallace:

Mark Wallace is a photographer based in the United States. Best known for his web-based video series “Digital Photography One on One” and “Exploring Photography”. In 2014, Mark left the United States to embark on a 2 year worldwide adventure. He visited 28 countries and captured thousands of unique photographs across the globe. Visit

Text, image and video via Adorama

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