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Virtual World Photographer Melusina Parkin

2/12/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Although the rise of VR is making it seem like it's a new canvas for artists, virtual worlds like Second Life ( have been attracting photographers, filmmakers, digital artists and musicians since it first opened in June of 2003. Photography, in particular, has become a fascinating art form in Second Life.

Melusina Parkin ( (her SL name) has been an active virtual photographer since 2008.  Ricky Grove came across her work on Facebook and was entranced. The spare, minimal photos reminded me of Andrew Wyeth paintings. And Ricky found her choice of virtual world locations to be fascinating. After spending time on her Flickr page where many of her photo sets are archived, he decided to feature selected works in a short video and interview her.

Shadows 4

You can read the interview at the website

Text, image and video via Renderosity Magazine

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