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Zooms Can Make Us Lazy: Shooting 50mm on the Island of Gozo

4/23/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sean Tucker made this quick video while visiting friends on the Island of Gozo (Malta) recently. This is the story:

I am prone to taking too much gear on trips, but this time, seeing as this was supposed to be time to relax, I thought I would just take my Canon 5DmkII and a Sigma 50mm prime.

Taking one focal length forces you to think more, and move more, in order to get the shots you want... and of course means a lighter bag, and grateful back muscles. Limiting yourself with one focal length for a trip forces you to think more creatively to compensate (zooms can make us lazy). Your legs have to become your zoom with a prime lens. If you want to exercise your photographic eye, this is often a good challenge to give yourself.

I also offer some thoughts on not needing the very latest gear in order to get good shots, and reasons why the Canon 5DmkII is still good enough for me.

I've included some of the shots I got, including some of the Good Friday procession in Rabat.

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