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How To: Horror Lighting

5/20/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How To: Horror Lighting

Campfire storytelling 101: shine a flashlight from below your face while telling a scary story to add extra terror effects. Well this is the same principle, usually its called Monster Lighting.

The long shadows cast by the light transform the face, and a glow from the below just feels evil.

The Lighting Channel decided to throw in a little extra flair and built a flickering bulb for the background. All you need is to wire a fluorescent bulb starter into your power cable and it will start to flicker, they used two starters for extra volatile flickering.

Not all starters are created equal, and depending where in the world you are the specification are different, they used an Fs-2 (20 Watt). Be careful with exposed cables, if you are installing this effect somewhere make sure to cover everything up with electricians tape!

Likewise, putting a lamp directly above the subject can create a creepy look, especially if they have deep set eye-sockets that cast the eyes completely in shadow.

About The Lighting Channel:

The Lighting Channel is a video platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to design their world through light. We provide creative solutions to basic lighting needs by focusing on atmosphere, mood, space-shaping and different uses of material.

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