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Create a Caricature in Photoshop in One Minute

8/28/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Create a Caricature in Photoshop in One Minute

Learn how to use the new Face-Aware Liquify options to create a fun and whacky caricature in Photoshop in just one minute.


Smart Objects: By converting a layer to a Smart Object, you're able to maintain the layer's original state, allowing you to resize and add filters non-destructively. To convert a layer into a Smart Object, right click on the layer in your Layers Panel, and choose Convert to Smart Object.

Liquify: This filter, found under the Filter menu, allows you to manipulate your image in many ways, from pushing, shrinking, bloating, and more. When a method is selected from the tools to the left, the liquify's brush can be use to make the edit, and the values to the right can be changed to increase or decrease the effect.

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