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Love on Fire: A wedding shooting of the elements

8/03/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The Hot rod on Fire Shooting inspired me to this one. But there was a huge difference, this photograph was done with only one exposure. We got it done after a lot of preparation – a nearly 3-Meter-long diy fire torch, two strobes and a 4.4 Seconds exposure created this image.

Planning did take this time much longer because we had to build a small pond including a platform for the reflection. Additionally, I had to cut down some branches from a tree to get enough space.

First of all thanks to the fire department Muckendorf- Wipfing for the heat-proof suit. My shopping list was huge, from odorless lamp oil (thanks a lot to the Facebook group Feuerspucker und Feuerk├╝nstler for all the information) to a cooking pot, an aluminum bar, carabiners, chains, damp sheets, till a pool liner and much more.

I love taking lots of time for just one photograph. I’m sure that comes from my wet plate photography. The moment when you see everything worked out like you imagined after the shooting is priceless.

I used again the 35mm lens and my Canon 5D. I started with only one strobe, but had to add a second one later to get a better light on the wedding couple

Safety first, because of that we did a lot of precautions before the shooting, to moisten the whole backyard for example. Beside of that, it is helpful to have many helping hands. Thanks to Alex, Wolfgang and Sebastian for that! Also, a big thanks to Veronika and Andreas for your patience. In exchange for that you got a unique photograph and a memory you will remember.

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