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Male Portraits: Killing the Ambient Light with Gels and Hi-Sync

9/18/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

We came to the location with my friend. Found a good spot and start to test light. I took Profoto B1 with OCF Beauty Dish. I know that Profoto has HSS. So you can shoot with open aperture and low shutter speed. And you can make dark background very easy using only shutter speed. First I asked my friend go on spot and test light. I like how I can create dark background. We shoot it at 4pm, sun was really bright, but using hi-sync you can make night very easy.

Then I decided to try my color gel filter.  From the left side I get blue colours from the ProfotoB1 + color gel, from the right side - yellow colour from the sun. It looks awesome! Then we started to create magic!

I love what we get, open aperture, blurred background, a mix of blue and yellow colours.

Then we changed location. I added second Profoto B1 and wanted to mix 2 lights and sun.

This is how I put the light, so now I can shoot from 2 sides and using light with a blue filter as main and as rim light.

Front side

Also, you can create some panoramic shots with your model

Back side

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