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Panasonic GH5/GH5s, Upto 100% improved AF accuracy with one setting change with genuine Proof!

2/15/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Panasonic GH5/GH5s, Upto 100% improved AF accuracy with one setting change with genuine Proof!

Post you video's using these setting as the difference is amazing. One setting that could total transform the way your Panasonic GH5 auto-focuses in ALL AF Modes!

The figure of 100% better AF is due to twice as many AF samples and corrections being taken over the same time period, in real world this performs better as the AF system is more responsive and looses focus less.

Two caveats to this video:

1 Not all frame rates are improved, best results are in 30p and 25p!
2. This tests and improvements where seen when using adapter lenses and not proved using native Panasonic Lenses.

When you think about it it's obvious really, your camera is running at a give frequency say 60Htz for NTSC, if your shooting at 30p and the shutter is open for half that time ie 180 Deg's the camera runs a cycle to correct focus ie, acquire image, process, correct , if the total time this takes is greater than 1/60 Htz (which it will be as that's the time taken to acquire) then the camera will wait to start the cycle again, the shorter acquire time means the camera doesn't have to wait, it can run the process again! Hence twice the AF performance.

Panasonic GH5/GH5s AF Fix explained in detail

In this second video you will see his theory that the camera is taking two images and using one as a dedicated AF image. He actually thinks this second image is the key to the depth of de-focus system as its this checking image which ensures the focus system is being corrected in the right direction and if not it can corrected before the actual image in the next frame is captured.

This would explain why the focus system pulses focus (hunts) when its running slow as we are actually seeing in the video the correction image which is intended to be binned!

Basically the AF being in slow mode means you are actually recording the 'TEST' image of the DDF requests, this is exasperating the focus issue because you are actually seeing that image rather than it being binned and your having to wait before it can correct at which point the subject has moved and the focus system gets lost. Your only actually seeing the intended record image every other frame, ie (pulsing) and only recording every other frame that the camera thinks is in focus!   In fast mode the out of focus images which the camera requests are binned.  They are deliberately out of focus so the system can compare images so it knows if it needs to correct or not.

Text, image and video via YodaYeo ( Pronounced   Yoda Yo.   ;) )

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