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5 Hacks for Sony a7 Series: LokTalk Top Tips

3/20/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 Hacks for Sony a7 Series: LokTalk Top Tips

5 tips to make your a7 camera so much better:

  1. - Show histogram while changing exposure
  2. - LCD off button
  3. - Faster AF (sort of)
  4. - Screen protector
  5. - USB power

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Currently known as the YouTuber who make "video" blog. Former presenter of YouTube channel DigitalRev TV.I review camera gears at And you'll find everything else in this channel. Behind the scene, vlog, opinion, etc. Support his channel on See all Lok´s gear used in this video on

Text, image and video via Lok Cheung

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