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How to make your photos POP with these Photoshop Tricks

6/17/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to make your photos POP with these Photoshop Tricks

Learn how to use photoshop to make your car photos & any other photos stand out with these Photoshop tips & tricks.

Our Official Collaborator Moe Zainal rejected this photo a few months ago while selecting a large batch of rolling shots he took for Audi Bahrain during their driving experience, the photo was dark and dull.

A few months later he decided to go back and sift through the set to see if he has missed any good potential shot, saw this photo & decided to bring it back to life with some photoshop magic & selective overlays.

Moe shot the photo while dangling off an SQ5 SUV, 1/30 at F13 with ISO 640 and a focal length of 32mm.

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Moe Zainal - Official collaborator card: 

Moe Zainal is an Automotive Photographer & a Digital Marketing Hero from the little island - Bahrain. Captivating Carreras. Alluring Audis. Photographically capturing vehicles in still frames is an acquired taste.
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Text, image and video via Moe Zainal

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