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Take an online photography master class with Steve McCurry

6/05/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Steve McCurry, the iconic photojournalist and artistic photographer has released his first ever online course with Masters of Photography. Masters of Photography is a unique online learning platform which brings together some of the world’s most acclaimed photographers; the Masters. Students can enjoy an unprecedented insight into the way the Masters work during intimate lessons that capture their knowledge, ethos and philosophy. The courses are non-technical and have been produced to be accessible to everyone. From amateurs to professionals, camera phones to DSLRs, the aim is to inspire everyone to go out and improve their photography.

Steve McCurry is one of the leading voices in contemporary photography, his famous 'Afghan Girl' photo is recognised the world over. His images have been used on scores of magazine and book covers and he has over a dozen books and countless exhibitions to his name.Steve is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Magazine Photographer of the Year, Royal Photographic Society medalist and twice winner of the World Press Photo contest.

The 4 hour course consists of 25 intimate video lessons and associated study material with McCurry teaching from his illustrious experience. It’s wide ranging, combining studio lessons, in which he discusses classic elements of photography, and lessons that follow him out on shoots in exciting locations as he explains his process and what he’s trying to achieve. Assignments follow key lessons, giving students the opportunity to put Steve’s teaching into practice. There is a student photostream which provides an online gallery for students to showcase their work and receive feedback from the community.

The online course begins with an insight into what brought Steve into the world of photography, his focus, style and passion for visual storytelling. He goes on to share the photographers who have most significantly influenced his career before hitting the streets of Old Havana where you get to see, up close and personal, how he works his magic. This display of street photography and the subtleties he employs are really quite remarkable. Back in the studio, he goes over key concepts such as finding subjects, interior and exterior lighting, juxtaposition, landscapes and cityscapes and composition. We follow him on location again, this time in Portugal, as he demonstrates these concepts in his own work.

McCurry is well known for the boldness of his work, often putting himself in extreme danger in order to capture the shot that brings stories of war and human struggle to the eyes of the Western reader. This is what drives him to master his craft and to by shooting every single day. At the end of the course, he talks about photography as both a passion and as a career, giving his advice to those hoping to make photography a bigger part of their life.

Overall, it’s a really interesting course. McCurry teaches from a wealth of experience over his 40 year career. His talent lies in capturing what it feels like to be in another man’s shoes and he aims to share this knowledge with his students.

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