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10 tips for becoming a pro Fine Art Photographer

3/23/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Serge Ramelli explains his 10 best tips on how he made it as fine art photographer. Sure these tips can help you to make it faster if you want to become a fine art photographer.

The 10 tips:
  1. Take the decision
  2. Find a personal project
  3. Learn until you are happy with your work
  4. Steal like an artist
  5. Don't give up your day job quite yet
  6. Or start making money with interior design or wedding photography
  7. Focus on Instagram and Google +
  8. Get published in Magazine
  9. Sell your tutorials
  10. Contact the Galleries

About Serge Ramelli:

I live in Paris and Los Angeles and I work in the movie business as a producer, but I'm passionate crazy about photos.I mostly shoot landscapes photography, but I also do some portraits composites. Let's Get Connected: | Check out my full life story here:

Text, image and video via Serge Ramelli Photography

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