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Capturing Timeless Portraits of Veterans with Glyn Dewis

4/06/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Capturing Timeless Portraits of Veterans with Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis is a photographer and best-selling author known for his classic, timeless portraiture. With a fascination for history, Glyn is working on an ongoing 1940’s themed project recreating images depicting both military and civilian life.


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I'd heard so much about Len Fox (WW2 / Normandy Veteran - RASC 'Royal Army Service Corps Despatch Rider) before meeting him yesterday, and sure enough within literally 30 seconds he had me laughing. I went along with Beverley Cooper to meet Len at his home address to help him along to the Norwich Normandy Veterans Meet Up, and on walking in Len said hello and then that he needed to "Go to the Tool Shed". No problem I thought...clearly has some chores to finish up, when moments later it was explained that he was referring to going to the toilet...followed up with saying if he didn't go soon, his "back teeth would be floating"... classic :) LOL Beverley phoned me when I was heading home to make sure I was keeping awake following the 3.15am get up (thank you Beverley), and even Len came on the phone to say 'have a safe journey home'. I truly cherish times like these x
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