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David Fussell:The Homeless Man Who Made a Horror Movie

4/13/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

David Fussell is a homeless filmmaker on the streets of London England and on the 26th of October 2018, he launched his feature film Mystic Demon Killer.   Vice media have completed a half-hour documentary about him and it is called The Homeless Film Director.

I have many new film ideas but do not have the film making equipment needed to show my skills plus develop a sustainable income. It would be great if you would come on this adventure with me and be part of my film making journey. I would like to reach my goal in two months. - said David -

He decided to put his remaining money towards living out his dream by self financing, writing, producing, directing and acting in the action-spy-horror movie he always wanted to make - Mystic Demon Killer. This decision eventually cost him a lot more than he had anticipated, including his home. It didn’t, however, dampen his spirits. - explains VICE on YouTube -

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About David Fussell:

My name is David Henry Fussell and I am a homeless film Director on the streets of London England. Let's Get Connected: Vimeo | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon

Text, image and video via VICE and David Fussell

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