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Developing 120-Year-Old Photos found in a Time Capsule

2/25/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Developing 120-Year-Old Photos found in a Time Capsule

Because of his last video, someone in his family told him about a possible time capsule in their old family house, after investigation Mathieu Stern found a box dating from around 1900 judging by the objects and the technic of the photos found inside.

Mathieu found some glass plate negatives inside this 120-year-old time capsule. So he then decided to develop them using one of the oldest ways to make photography prints: Cyanotype.

See the full HD images here:

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About Mathieu Stern:

Free-lancer, I am shooting viral videos about photography, travel and many other subjects. Help me to do more cool videos reviews by visiting my Patreon page HERE

Text, image and video via Mathieu Stern

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