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Why Workshops Make You a Better Photographer by Daniel Milnor

2/03/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Why Workshops Make You a Better Photographer by Daniel Milnor

Daniel Milnor is back to talk about why he thinks going to workshops is a great way to grow as a photographer and push yourself. A workshop is more than just pressing the button.

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About Daniel Milnor:

Daniel Milnor once worked as both a fragrance model and a hot tub installer but is better known as a reformed-journalist, photographer and writer who is now, once again, performing these duties in his role as “Creative Evangelist,” for Blurb Inc., the world’s premiere indie publishing platform. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Santa Fe. Let's Get Connected: | Twitter 

About Marc Silber:

Advancing Your Photography (AYP) grew out of my strong visual arts background, having been a photographer for more years than I’d care to admit. I also love to show people how to take better pictures and found through my workshops ways to do that successfully.  Let's Get connected: |  Instagram | Check out our new FREE course which gives an introduction to the Cycle of Photography! You can sign up for it here:

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Let me guess...he offers workshops!?!!?? Is this advertisement paid or just a courtesy post?