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The Coronavirus is Everywhere - Wet Plates with Modified Waterhouse Stops

4/02/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

The coronavirus is now a part of our current lifes. Even when you do not see this virus it is all around us. Markus Hofstätter started a new wetplate art project with this thought about the covid19 topic.

 #selfisolation – In this tintype you can see the symbolic C for the coronavirus in the tree and also the limited image circle creates a C between the tree and the sky.

Watch the following video to see how he accomplished that:

This wetplate shows tree with a C shaped bokeh at the end of my empty street. It looks like the coronavirus is far away and cannot do any harm to us.

But as soon as we have a closer look at the fence, we see that it is made of little C letters. This shows the real truth about the virus – it is all around us.

With a modified Waterhouse stop for his Dallmeyer 2b Petzval lens he was able to bring a symbolical C shaped virus into his wet plates.

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If you guys want to experience yourself how a tintype is made and own a one of a kind wet plate, please contact me via my website

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About Markus Hofstaetter:

Professional photographer for wet plate, portrait, events and virtual tours. You can find more about my work on my website, my blog, on Facebook, on Instagram or on Youtube

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Ash Hole said...

The corona virus isnt our problem. Its COVID-19. There is a difference. Learn the truth, please investigate.