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How to FOCUS in Landscape Photography - Get SHARP Photos

5/04/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

How to FOCUS in Landscape Photography - Get SHARP Photos

Catching Focus from front to back is essential in landscape photography to get sharp photos. In this video, landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen will show how he focuses with his camera and how he gets everything in focus from the foreground to infinity in his landscape photography.

There are several different techniques to focus but very little techniques to get everything sharp and in focus from back to front.


About Mads Peter Iversen:

His YouTube channel is all about inspirational, educational and informative landscape photography video guides. In this channel, Mads will share guides, stories, and thoughts on his landscape photography from his travels.  Let's Get Connected: |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Anonymous said...

That will render a soft focus throughout the image at best compared to a stacked image. Depending on whether your using a wide lens or above 50mm.
Even at 24mm with the flowers in front being 1 m away the flowers will be sharp but if you blow up the image you will be wishing for crisper focus as your eye progresses through the image.

I can’t say enough for focus stacking.

My one third rule for digital is to double the hyper focal near limit if I’m not stacking or if the near limit contains areas with the same weight of importance as mid area’s.