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Unlock LIMITLESS Possibilities in Lightroom: 5 main tools that you NEED to master

12/08/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photo-editing is crucial to getting the most out of your photos. Adobe Lightroom is most people’s app of choice. Many photographers avoid or put off mastering photo-editing because they think that it’s too complex. In reality, the 5 tools that Mitchell will talk about here are enough to help you get the most out of virtually any situation.

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About Mitchell Kanashkevich:

Professional travel, documentary photographer and adventurer. Sharing the knowledge I've gained over a decade on the road, in the field with you. I try to talk about the topics that few talk about. Things that matter for growing as a photographer. Get his FREE PDF Guide : | 📸 My Travel Photography Cours - | Grab the Special Launch Offer. 50% OFF on my Presets and Photo-editing Training package: 

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