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360 DIY Table Rig: How to Create the Most Epic Shot Ever 💥

2/15/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this tutorial Austen Paul shows you how he builds a 360 table rig using a C-stand and a Bolt. The Original video was created for his client Sneak Energy.

About Austen Paul:

Sean Tucker twitter profile image My name is Austen Paul, I am a professional video producer and over the last five years have successfully built my own production company. I have worked with and filmed for all types of companies around the world bringing their visions and products to life through visuals. From the outer reaches of Western Mongolia in negative 40 degree weather to burning buildings in California, I seek to immerse myself in the worlds most unique places to capture real, raw stories.

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Text, image and video via Austen Paul

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