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How Does Kodak Make Film? Visit The Kodak Plant in Rochester

3/20/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Who has been so lucky to visit The Kodak plant in Rochester, New York, and learn about the entire Kodak film production process

Destin, the aerospace engineer who popularized his YouTube channel (and of which we are loyal fans) "Smarter Every Day" and thanks to his friends at Indie Film Lab!, has gained access to something so exclusive: a private Factory Tour.

Given the complexity of the production process of a film, Destin has divided this visit to "The Kodak Plant" into three videos. 

In the first, we will have the opportunity to know more about the support.

There's one more thing Destin wants you to be on the lookout for on our tour. There's this theme that he saw everywhere he went to Kodak and that is really important.

More experienced employees are taking the time to gradually bring the younger folks up to speed.

This new generation is taking that knowledge and that understanding, but they're also getting the work ethic from the older generation.

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