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What it takes to be a PRO Street Photographer…

4/21/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Jason Vong and Kenneth “Professor” Hines, Jr are preparing their ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY and it will be totally free and available at the end of April!   The course is over 1+ hour long, detailing the gear, the photographic process, and the editing as well! It's gonna be epic

His previous street photography video reached 1.4 million views. So until his new guide is available, Kenneth gives us a few good tips that will help us improve and, above all, to have a fresher view of our streets.

What it takes to be a PRO Street Photographer:

1 Have Anticipation: Basically seeing the image you want before it's actually happened
2 Don't Follow Trends: Do the opposite of what you see others doing online now
3 Being Unobtrusive: Give people their personal space
4 View EVERYTHING by Focal Lengths
5 Get Down LOW!: To make the image feels bigger than what it really is
6 Choose Your Focus Point!
7 Explore Manual Lenses: Help us to take time to actually look more into a scene and to choose a specific composition 

Image and video via Jason Vong