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Softbox EPIC Modifiers Compared

9/01/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Dozens of softboxes and light modifiers are compared in this epic video. All the different kinds of softboxes are discussed- standard, parabolic, umbrella softboxes, silver umbrella reflectors, white umbrella reflectors, hard can reflectors, collapsible beauty dishes, collapsible umbrella reflectors, speedlight, softboxes, translucent umbrellas, and rod systems... all with the goal of having the biggest surface area when open and the smallest size when broken down. 

Plus the most lightweight and best for travel. Also compared are all kinds of speedlight brackets for rod systems and Bowens mount. Companies featured are Godox, Glow (by Flashpoint / Adorama), Westcott & Cheetah.

Text, video and image via MarkusPix