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Create Professional Lightroom Sky Masks with this ONE Simple Trick!

3/22/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this week’s episode, Mark Denney discusses how you can improve your Lightroom Sky Edits with this one simple method! One of the most coveted aspects of a grand landscape photo is one containing an interesting sky with incredible color, detail, or drama. 

But often what you experience when you're on-location doesn't always come through in our photography. This is where the many tools at our disposal inside of Lightroom come in handy. Lightroom as a multitude of different ways for us to bring back the drama and detail in our sky edits and the one simple method reviewed in this video can be a real game changer for improvement. 

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About Mark Denney:

My passion for landscape photography has grown from my love of the great outdoors. The serenity and therapeutic nature are perhaps what I enjoy most about it. I treasure the complete process that landscape photography requires, from the on-location aspect of actually traveling and taking the image to the post processing workflow of Lightroom and Photoshop.  Let's Get Connected: |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | 🌟 2023 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE🔘

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