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Portrait Photography: Sculpting Facial Features with Light

4/22/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Portrait Photography: Capturing the Structure and Skin Tone of a Face

Portrait photography is an art that captures the essence of a person's character, personality, and unique features. In this video, B&H Photo Video will explore the tips and techniques that FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti, an NYC portrait photographer, shares to help you maximize your portrait photography skills.

Shotti believes that the unique structure of the face is what makes it interesting to capture. He focuses on the jawline, cheekbone, and chin to create stunning portraits. To bring out the structure of the face, he suggests using lighting techniques that show depth and maximize the shapes of the face. He advises that any light that is not direct and right into the subject's face can be used. It could be side lighting, above lighting, or reflective lighting that bounces back onto the model.

Shotti suggests using natural light to create a well-lit portrait. In this video, he uses window light to create a professional-looking setup that's simple to execute. To get a sharp and well-focused image, he recommends using a lens with a wide-open aperture like the Fujifilm 80mm 1.7 lens. This aperture creates a nice bokeh for the background and helps to create separation between the subject and the background.

"Compare the results: Left using this technique vs right with flat light"

He shows how to get good exposure on the face while also capturing the structure of the face. He suggests avoiding overexposure and maintaining a balance between highlights and shadows. 

Images and video via B&H Photo Video