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Is the Westcott FJ400 flash actually a 600?

6/19/2023 Matt 0 Comments


"The Westcott FJ400 photography flash strobe should NOT be compared with a Godox AD400 because it is actually a Godox AD600 clone"- explains MarkusPix. - "It's the exact same size, shape and power output as it's 600 competitor- when using the same Godox Bowens mount reflector, not the reflector the FJ400 comes with. This may surprise many, but it shouldn't because it looks just like the Godox AD600 strobe! If you do portrait and wedding photography, here is a comparison of two totally similar professional flash strobes. Warning- do not use HSS with e front curtain shutter. This is explained in the video."

Text, image and video via MarkusPix