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Use any Pocket Camera with Off Camera Flash and Soft box

12/18/2023 Matt 0 Comments


Compact camera and softbox in the same sentence? YES! Who needs a hot shoe? A pocket camera like a Sony a5100 or RX100 or Lumix GM1 and watch MarkusPix take off-camera flash portraits like a pro!  How does one do photography like this with a compact pocket camera? 

Getting professional photography results with a softbox or umbrella while being resourceful with low-cost cost less expensive options. Forget high-speed sync. You don't need HSS! Forget flash triggers, they are annoying anyway. This is way cool, so watch this photography trick.


S1 mode is basic flash trigger
S2 id for when your camera uses a pre-flash before it actually fires the main flash. If you're using TTL and your camera fires a pre-flash, use S2

Text, image, and video via MarkusPix