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Assist Them in Regaining Their Nomadic Life: Help Mitchell Kanashkevich and Family Get Back on Track

1/20/2024 Matt 0 Comments

In a year that began with a sense of optimism and fresh beginnings, Mitchell Kanashkevich, renowned travel photographer and content creator, found himself facing an unexpected and devastating turn of events. The beloved camper, his home on wheels, office, and primary tool for making a living, suffered irreparable damage, leading Mitchell to launch a GoFundMe campaign in a plea for support.

The journey of misfortune began on New Year's Eve during what seemed like a routine drive in the heart of Brazil. A sudden and intense rainstorm, coupled with a dirt road recommended by Google Maps, left Mitchell stranded in the middle of nowhere. Despite the challenges, a tow truck came to the rescue, thanks to the timely intervention of a kind-hearted stranger named Marcos and his two daughters.

The relief of making it to a larger town, however, was short-lived. A mechanic's attempt to fix a burnt clutch took an unexpected turn when the roof of Mitchell's camper was smashed and twisted, rendering it uninhabitable. The subsequent assessment revealed extensive damage, making repairs impractical. The mechanic, unable to bear the financial burden, offered a meager compensation of $500.

Mitchell, whose life and work revolved around the camper, faced the harsh reality of losing not just a possession but his home and livelihood. The setback disrupted plans for travel, video creation, and a promising year on YouTube. Frustration and anger loomed, but Mitchell chose the high road, opting to find a solution rather than dwell on negativity.

In their determination to hit the road again, Mitchell Kanashkevich and his family have identified their only viable option: acquiring a new camper. The plan is to salvage usable components from their damaged camper and modify their Toyota Hilux to accommodate the new setup. This ambitious undertaking entails embarking on a substantial 2000km journey and dedicating 2-3 weeks to extensive car adaptations.

The fundraising goal stands at US $25,000, encompassing the expenses associated with obtaining the new camper, necessary vehicle modifications, and covering travel and living costs throughout this challenging transition period.

Crucial to their success is the support of individuals willing to contribute to this cause. Whether the donation is substantial or modest, each contribution brings Mitchell and his family one step closer to resuming their travels. With a fervent desire to return to creating captivating content, Mitchell looks forward to sharing the world's beauty through his photography and films.

Expressing gratitude for the consideration, Mitchell Kanashkevich and his family extend their heartfelt thanks to those who choose to support them in rebuilding their dream. Every ounce of support is immensely valued on this journey to reclaim their nomadic lifestyle.

About Mitchell Kanashkevich:

Professional travel, documentary photographer and adventurer. Sharing the knowledge I've gained over a decade on the road, in the field with you. I try to talk about the topics that few talk about. Things that matter for growing as a photographer. Get his FREE PDF Guide : | 📸 My Travel Photography Course - | 📸

Images and video via his YouTube Channel mitchellkphotos