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SHUTTER WARS | Photography Reality Show | Trailer

3/10/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Six photographers. Three judges. A chance to create a photo and win a sponsored prize. New or seasoned photographer, it's anyone's game! Watch how it all unfolds in the pilot webisode series SHUTTER WARS. This production was shot entirely on Canon HDSLR cameras.

Target audience: entry-level DSLR consumers

Sponsored by Think Tank Photo, The Art Soiree, Nations Photo Lab

“Shutter Wars” is an American challenge-based reality TV and/or webisode concept created, produced & directed by DC photographer Armin DeFiesta. Although the pilot consists of two photo challenges and four webisodes, 12 photo challenges and episodes were written to coincide with a full broadcast television season. The concept focuses on professional photography and its target market – entry-level DSLR consumers. Retailers have indicated that suppliers such as Canon, Sony and Nikon report that the entry-level photography market are some of their most profitable segments in the DSLR market space. “Shutter Wars” could attract viewership from photographers and non-photographers alike, inspiring DSLR owners to gain more technical knowledge and take their personal creativity to the next level. The series would be about more than just photographers participating in photo challenges, it could about discovering that the real competition is themselves. Because of the educational value and the contestants’ drive to be a better photographer, “Shutter Wars” would be a good match for product manufacturer sponsorship. The concept can be developed as standalone webisodes or a series of elimination-based photo challenges.

The four (4) weekly webisodes follow the personal, creative and technical struggles that photographers will face to emerge the winner through two photo challenges. Six contestants will compete through a diverse list of photographic challenges to create a photo that wins them the sponsored prize. Contestants draw on their talent, drive and business acumen to create the best image possible. During these challenges the contestants and show host(s) will provide photo educational tips or “take-aways” for viewers to enjoy. Meanwhile, faced with time restrictions, equipment, and themes, contestant photos go in front of a judging panel that critique the photo submissions based on a scoring system, leaving one winner at the end of the pilot webisode series. With the growing popularity of High Definition DSLR cameras, “Shutter Wars” could be shot entirely with HD-equipped Canon DSLR cameras such as the 5D Mark II, 7D and Mark IV.

by Armin DeFiesta