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Suspension Rig:A Special Effects Lighting Lesson

3/10/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today our friend Jay P. Morgan has send us an email with his last video. What can I said? incredible.

Jay P. Morgan Photography.
I love to create images that require special effects. Many times I have turned to suspension to solve the photographic problems that are presented to me by Art directors. There are many ways to suspend people and make it look convincing. This video is about one of my favorite. The flying rig. We were asked to shoot Jorge Campos the world famous goalie for the Mexican national team. I felt the most controlled way to show him jumping for the ball and yet get the feeling of being off the ground was to put him in a Flying rig. He said that he was photographed once jumping into a mat and it was not successful. When I heard that the rig made perfect sense. This how to shows you how to fly a person using a harness and airplane cable. I used Hensel Porty packs as our main light source. The video was shot on the Canon 5D using Red Rock micro rigs.